Thursday, August 25, 2011

Whispering Jesse has been launched!

Whispering Jesse was launched this past Tuesday. The boat had been out of the water for over a year, undergoing an extensive refit project that is finally nearing completion. Don, the boatyard manager at Spring Cove Marina, emailed me last week that they had fixed the damage to the keel and rudder and that they were about to apply bottom paint in anticipation of the launch. It was difficult for me to imagine until I received photos from John Simonton, my friend who lives on his boat at the marina. Here are his photos with explanatory captions, and don't forget to click them for full-size views:

Whispering Jesse in the paint shed with her newly applied name and hailing port. Thank you, Marty! The old bottom paint was an uneven light green. The new bottom paint is black and makes the boat look like a large sleek whale.

A final shot of Whispering Jesse at rest on her supports in the paint shed.

The Travelift and slings are in place for the move out of the paint shed and into the water.

Touching up the bottom paint out in the boatyard. Note the nicely cleaned-up folding two-blade propeller and shaft. Thank you, Chas!

Applying bottom paint to the bare spots where the supports pressed against the hull. The launch ramp that the Travelift travels down is visible in the background.

Whispering Jesse is in the water! Note the nicely cleaned-up manual windlass. Thanks again, Chas! And also the new Plexiglas on the foredeck hatch. Thanks, Don!

A shot of the cockpit showing the new engine panel protected by a sheet of Plexiglas. Thanks yet again, Chas!

Don, in the red tee-shirt, and his crew move the mast into place. The paint shed is visible in the background.

The mast in the process of being stepped. I'm guessing Don is down below moving the bottom end into position.

Don and crew attaching the new shrouds to the new chainplates. Thanks, Collin! Note the Valiant 42, Vespers, in the background.

The mast and shrouds are in place, but the boom and the new lifelines still need to be installed. According to Don, Whispering Jesse will stay in this safe slip until Hurricane Irene has passed, which should happen sometime on Sunday. We're hoping it doesn't become necessary to haul out again so soon after launch. Keep your fingers crossed!

John promised more photos when I get out there next week. Thank you, John!

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