Friday, September 2, 2011

Good night, Irene!

Whispering Jesse survived Hurricane Irene without damage. The eye of the storm passed within fifty miles of Spring Cove Marina, with high winds and plenty of rain, but the storm surge rose only to the level of the piers. Two trees were blown down, and one damaged a truck, but according to Lindsay at the marina, who I called on Sunday morning, there was no other damage. Of course, now Hurricane Katia is looming out in the Atlantic gathering strength for a push westward and northward, hopefully more northward than westward so it doesn't interfere with our upcoming sailing trip from Solomons, Maryland to Savannah, Georgia.

I spoke with Steve from Creative Canvas today about the final work he is doing on the dodger and bimini. He said he had been over at the boat and had taken some photos with his camera phone to give me an idea of how everything was coming together. They are a little blurry, but I think they give a more complete picture of the boat than the launching and mast stepping photos I posted earlier:

Steve's photos are meant to show how the dodger, bimini and other canvas are looking. Here is a view of the nearly finished bimini--there will be a mesh sunshade off the back--and the dodger's frame. Note the nice canvas covers over the port hatches. Also, the boom, which was not installed in the earlier photos, is in place now.

A view of the dodger frame from the cockpit, with ropes holding it in place to give an idea of how it will be positioned when the canvas is in place. Note all the new running rigging and the new traveler.

A view of the cabin top and decks looking aft, with Steve's canvas hatch covers in place. Note the new standing rigging, the new chainplates, the new whisker pole on the mast, and the new lifelines.

A view further aft showing the view slot between the dodger and the bimini. Steve has it designed for easy viewing over the dodger while standing and through the dodger's windshield while sitting.

Crewmember Mike and I fly out on Saturday, and Kurt flies out next Wednesday. There is still a long list of things that need to be done and items that need to be bought before we are ready to set sail on Thursday, September 8. I'm hoping we can find time for a quick sea trial. Don, the boatyard manager, emailed me this afternoon that he and Chas are going to take the boat out tomorrow to test the new engine. The sails are not back yet from Quantum Sails or I'm sure they would be testing those as well.

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