Tuesday, September 18, 2018

UFO over Artesia, New Mexico

Path of UFO over Artesia, New Mexico on September 17, 2018
I am in Artesia, New Mexico this week for work. Last night, I was at a co-worker's house looking at the planets through his ten-inch reflector telescope when we spotted what appeared to be a bright satellite moving steadily from west to east across the sky. My co-worker ran inside for binoculars so we could check to see if the object was maybe the International Space Station. By the time he returned, the object had moved below the moon and was passing above Mars. As he raised the binoculars, the object disappeared. It hadn't moved out of viewing range; it had simply winked out.

This experience reminded me of early morning walks with my dog Charlie when we lived in Aspen and the winter sun was late to rise. I would sometimes see lights in the pre-dawn sky that I knew were not planets or bright stars. As I watched, they would occasionally wink out, leaving only an after-image in their wake.

I never had an explanation for this phenomenon until a recent exchange with a person who is avid about UFOs. He told me that the disappearing behavior is not for cloaking or concealment but rather a side-effect of the crafts' propulsion systems. The beings behind the crafts are not trying to hide, though they are definitely keeping a very low profile. This may be because their presence here, I was told, is not just a visitation; it is an occupation.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Whispering Jesse under sail

1980 Valiant 40 Whispering Jesse under sail
Last month, to celebrate turning sixty, I sailed with my friend, Mike Young, from Miami to Marathon and back, anchoring overnight along the way. On our third day out, we were passed by a couple on a motor yacht and the woman stepped out on deck to take our picture. Shortly after that, she hailed us on the radio and asked for my email address. The photo she sent is the only one I have of Whispering Jesse under sail. Thank you, Pat!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Scout: A Tribute

Scout and Nan on board Whispering Jesse in Miami
The slideshow of our golden retriever Scout's life that I started after he died in December 2015 is finished now and published on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSMwbqWeTJI. It presents his entire brief life in 157 photos, over seven minutes, and is set to the song "Desire Lines" by Deerhunter, from their 2010 album Halcyon Digest.

Completing this project, which was interrupted by not having access to the files during our temporary move to New Mexico, put me back in touch with what a special dog Scout was. He weathered several transitions with Nan and me, from Grand Junction, Colorado to Miami, Florida and then to Savannah, Georgia, with stays in Bentonville, Arkansas along the way, but he always maintained his sunny disposition. Even when we took him on board our sailboat late in his life and it was clear he was not comfortable, he trusted us and wanted only to be with us, no matter what.

We loved Scout with all our hearts and he loved us in return. He was the best companion a person could ever wish for.