Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving in Savannah

Savannah Dan holding forth in front of The Olde Pink House
Nan, Scout and I have relocated to Savannah, Georgia. If you have read the few posts I have written since our sailing adventure to Isla Mujeres ultimately took us to Miami in October 2013, then you know that we were not especially happy in South Florida.

Over the summer, I was able to negotiate an arrangement with my work that allows me to be on-site in Miami just one week out of every month, working from home the rest of the time, so we packed up and moved to Savannah at the end of September. So far, it is working out well. The three of us have made two week-long trips back to Miami and stayed on our sailboat both times. The boat is still at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club and is a more affordable alternative to staying in hotels.

Living in Savannah has been wonderful. They have actual seasons here, and the last few days have been crisp, clear and warm, a regular Indian Summer. There is very little traffic and plenty of inexpensive parking, so we feel almost obligated to drive downtown and explore the city's renowned Historic District.

Savannah Dan leading his walking tour across Reynolds Square
On Thanksgiving morning, Nan and I did just that, taking in a guided walking tour with Savannah Dan (, who was recommended in Savannah Magazine's annual "best of" issue. We met him at Johnson Square, along with eight other people, for a two-hour tour of six of the historic downtown squares and their surrounding areas. We strolled through the live oak and Spanish moss festooned squares and listened intently as dapper Dan regaled us with tales of Savannah's colorful past. He is a natural entertainer and had us all laughing at his outlandish stories. When the tour ended at Wright Square and Dan asked if we had any questions, I wanted to know if he did tours of the other squares, thinking we would eventually want to tour all twenty-two with him. Alas, the tour we had just concluded is his one and only, but he mentioned that he is available for private tours, something we will definitely want to consider for the future.