Sunday, May 19, 2013

Key West

Jim holding up the second tuna he caught
Sorry for not posting sooner. Key West was a whirlwind of activity, and the Internet access was terrible. I'm writing this from my iPhone before the signal is lost.

We arrived at the A&B Marina in Key West on Friday afternoon after two nights at sea sailing from Fort Pierce. We caught another tuna along the way, and Jim cooked it up as steaks. 

Saturday was spent preparing for the sail to Isla Mujeres. We bought provisions, rigged up more eye screws and bungees to keep things in place, and started looking into the dead float switch in the bilge. There's a stowaway fiddler crab in there that has been eluding me.

I saw Nan off this morning. She's flying ahead to meet us. We departed at around 10:00 and are now back in deep water, heading southwest toward the western tip of Cuba. More when there's a signal...

Nan seeking shade under the dodger
Update 5/25: This post needed some color, so I added a couple of photos from the Fort Pierce to Key West leg of our sailing trip.

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