Monday, May 20, 2013

Check-in/OK message from SPOT Whispering Jesse: 5/20/2013 14:43

Whispering Jesse
Latitude: 22.99809
Longitude: -83.39105
GPS Location Date/Time: 05/20/2013 14:43:49 EDT

Message: This is the crew of Whispering Jesse checking in. All is well. Click the Google Maps link to see where we are.,-83.39105&ll=22.99809,-83.39105&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1


Anonymous said...

How great you are on your way to your new house. I hope the weather stays on your side. Said Hola to Nan for me. Jose and Maricela.

John Lichty said...

We were just off the coast of Cuba that day, which was a little nerve wracking, but the weather was fine. Hola and greetings from Isla Mujeres to you and Maricela!