Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fort Pierce

Jim holding up the tuna we caught on the way to Fort PierceWe are in Fort Pierce, Florida now, the second of our planned stops. We arrived around noon and have been catching up on repairs and other projects this afternoon. The seas have been heavy, and the winds have been shifting around from west to east, making for a truly rough ride. Large stuff, like the air conditioner and the dog trailer, have been flying around the cabin as we endure the ever-present swells. Mike and I have installed some eye screws in the V-berth as anchor points for new bungee cords. We'll see if they hold.

Last night, just before sunset, we heard some drag on the trolling line we had set earlier in the day. Sure enough, we had a fish on the line. Jim reeled it in close to the boat, and I expected to see a barracuda or some other undesirable fish, but instead, there was a ten-pound tuna. We got a bucket under it and brought it aboard instead of gaffing it. It flashed its bright colors but did not put up a fight otherwise. Jim cleaned it in the cockpit and there was much blood. He is cooking it up tonight scampi style with brown rice.

Tomorrow, we will set sail early for Key West. Depending on conditions, we should be there around mid-day on Friday after a double overnight. We will practice the rig I expect will get us to Mexico if the easterly winds prevail: a broad reach set with a preventer and our Genoa jib set with the whisker pole. Expect more Spots along the way.

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