Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Odyssey: Kusadasi, Turkey

John K. and Nan at the marketplace in Kusadasi, TurkeyHello from the marina in Kusadasi. Yes, we have finally left Greece behind for Turkey after a full week of sailing. We arrived this afternoon after motoring over from Pythagoria on Samos, where we moored last night. Today was our best weather day so far, sunny and warm, but with almost no wind, thus the motoring.

Kusadasi has a different, much less European feel from any of our Greek landfalls. Turkey is a Muslim country and it shows in the cleanliness of its streets, the friendly nature of its people and the liveliness of its marketplaces. We spent the afternoon wandering around the area near the marina, buying spices and produce to boost our diminished provisions. We ate dinner at Mezget, a traditional Turkish restaurant with excellent seafood and grilled meats. The last prayer of the day just echoed out across the city about a half-hour ago, so it must be time to call it a night.

John K. and the proprietor of Mezget, an excellent restaurant in Kusadasi, TurkeyTomorrow we are taking a tour of Ephesus, the famous Roman ruins north of here. It will have to substitute for Troy, which is still too far away. On Thursday, we are planning on getting underway early and sailing continuously until we reach the northwest corner of Crete, about 120 nautical miles away. This will involve overnight sailing and two-person, three-hour watches.

Sorry again about the SPOT updates. Apparently, all of Nan's and my email addresses have been left out of the recipients list. The update from yesterday was forwarded to me by crewmate Kevin. It shows us on our way from Kirikos to Pythagoria. Capt. John says he will try to get the situation rectified by tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

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