Friday, April 25, 2008

The Odyssey: Gavrio

Greetings from Gavrio, on the island of Andros, about sixty miles east of Athens. We are pinned down here by a Force 7 to 8 gale that is blowing out of the north. We arrived here late yesterday afternoon on our way toward Turkey and have been here now about twenty-four hours. This morning we were thinking of heading southeast to Mykonos to avoid beating ourselves up fighting into the wind, but with gusts of close to fifty miles per hour, Capt. John decided we should stay put for the day.

I'm sorry about the SPOT beacon broadcasts. Capt. John put me in charge of them a couple of days ago and I have sent out two so far but they're not going anywhere. I will review the instructions with him and try again tomorrow. Of the two you missed, the first was from Cape Sounion, within sight of the Temple of Poseidon. I took some great late afternoon shots of the temple, but I am at an Internet cafe and will have to post them later. The second was from Gavrio, where we are now.

If the weather improves, we will probably head north tomorrow through the Doro Channel and then northeast to the island of Lesbos, where we will check out of Greece and check into Turkey, with landfall at Ayvalik on Sunday sometime.

Everyone here in Greece is getting set for Easter, one of their biggest holidays. They start celebrating at midnight on Saturday and continue for three weeks. The locals are telling us we should stick around for it but we're anxious to press on if we can. We're barely three days into our Odyssey and we haven't even made it to Troy yet.

Next update: Lesbos (hopefully)

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