Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nan's good deed, part 2

The bell on Jerry's new used bike Due to her unpredictable work schedule, it took Nan a few weeks to work out the details of getting Jerry a new used bike. This morning she did some shopping at Wal-Mart and bought a leash for Jerry's dog Bear-Bear to help keep her safe from traffic. She stopped by the park to give it to him and talk to him about the bike idea. He was still interested, so when she got home she called Brown Cycles and asked about their used bikes. Mary told her that the nice Trek mountain bike George had shown me when I picked up Jerry's used-up bike had been sold but that they had other bikes in the basement that might work.

Jerry's new used bike in front of our house in Grand JunctionNan stopped by there this afternoon and picked out a good used Trek Antelope cruiser. She is about the same size as Jerry, so she had them size the bike for her and then took it out for a quick test ride. It worked perfectly. She added a bell and a nice Blackburn rack to the package and then brought the bike home to clean it up a little. We haven't figured out how to work out a way to transport Bear-Bear on the bike yet, but we'll see what Jerry thinks when we drop the bike off with him tomorrow. If everything works out well, we'll go back to Brown Cycles to find another bike for Jerry's friend Scott and maybe also a basket for Bear-Bear. Stay tuned.

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