Friday, May 9, 2008

The Odyssey: Early Photos

Quetzal Med-moored at PiraeusNan and I are checked into the Sofitel Hotel at the Athens airport, after our Aegean Airlines flight over from Corfu this morning. Early tomorrow morning we fly back to Colorado with Lufthansa by way of Munich. We are both ready to go home. The three weeks we have been traveling is starting to feel like three months.

Harry, Kevin, me and Nan at the Temple of Poseidon on Cape SounionWe have reliable high-speed Internet access here at the hotel, so I am trying to catch up on the blog. I have manually posted the few Spot updates that went through that Kevin has forwarded to me. If you view the Spot updates' Google Maps links in chronological order, they give you a rough idea of our voyage east to Kusadasi, Turkey and then west to Corfu, although the last Spot is from right outside of Methoni, our first landfall after leaving Kusadasi.

Me at the helm fighting the 'Meltemi' winds on our way to AndrosHere are three photos from early in our voyage. The first shows Quetzal tied up at the marina in Piraeus before we set sail. That's Kevin in the white shirt, writing in his journal. The second is a group shot of Harry, Kevin, me and Nan in front of the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion after our first day of sailing. And the third shows me at the helm on our second day, sailing to Andros, when the gale started to blow in. The camera is not tilted, as you can see by the level sea behind me; the boat is really heeling that much. What you can't see is that we were rocking and rolling through some massive swells that afternoon.

When we get home, I will try to put together the best photos into a slideshow and post them here. Thanks for following our voyage!

Update 5/15/08: Kevin sent me two more Spots, one from Ithaca dated May 5 and one from Corfu dated May 7. Both are posted now under their respective dates.

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