Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rocket Johnny

John Glenn has nothing to worry about!
The company I work for held its annual four-day meeting a few weeks ago. The theme was "One Team. One Mission." and featured screen graphics and t-shirts with NASA-related images. On the last day, along with eight other employees, I was given a Circle of Excellence award. As we were each called to the stage, images of us as astronauts were flashed on the auditorium's screen, mostly to appreciative laughs since the images were so well done.

At the closing party that evening, I asked the designer if I could have a copy of my astronaut image. He emailed it to me the next day. I emailed him back a thank-you and added: "My wife will get a kick out of it since I already told her I was volunteering for the one-way mission to Mars!"

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