Thursday, April 18, 2013

On the road

Saying good-bye to Scout at Monica and Vicky's house
Nan and I are holed up in a Holiday Inn Express in Forrest City, Arkansas, about fifty miles west of Memphis. We decided to get off the highway late this afternoon when the rain was falling hard enough to completely obscure the amorphous blobs passing us without their lights on. We had hoped to make it as far as Birmingham, Alabama, but the weather did not cooperate. We may arrive in Savannah a day late, but it would beat ending up in a ditch like the unlucky hydroplaners we passed earlier today.

Yesterday afternoon, we made it to Bentonville, Arkansas as planned. Nan's sister Monica and Monica's partner Vicky made us welcome in their beautiful home. Scout made himself at home with their two dogs and ten cats, which is good because he will be spending the next seven or so weeks with them. Nan and I decided early on in the planning for our sailing trip to Isla Mujeres that Scout should not sail with us. He has almost no experience with being on a boat, and if he got sick or injured, we would never forgive ourselves. Instead, Nan will fly back to get him in early June, after we are safely settled at El Milagro Marina.

The photo from this morning shows Nan, Monica, Bella and Scout just before Nan and I said good-bye to Scout and were escorted by Monica and the dogs out to the interstate. We can't thank you enough, Monica and Vicky!

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