Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nan's Birthday

Today is Nan's birthday. I won't reveal her new age, but I will say that we made the most of her special day. After I made omelettes for breakfast and Nan opened her gifts, we went ice skating at the almost-new Glacier Ice Arena here in Grand Junction. Neither of us has skated in many years, Nan in about twenty and me in almost forty, since I discovered skiing at age ten. We were both a little nervous as we stepped onto the ice, which is much slipperier than either of us remembered. After a few tentative steps we were both gliding along, though a little unsteadily, with big smiles on our faces. We spent most of our hour on the ice holding hands as we skated around the oval dodging falling kids and trying not to fall ourselves. It was a blast, and we will definitely do it again.

Nan organized a poetry contest with her family to get them involved in celebrating her birthday. The idea was for each family member to submit a poem or limerick with Nan as the theme. The fourteen entries were compiled and voted on, with the winner receiving a gift certificate to TJ Maxx, Nan's favorite shopping destination. The winner was Nan's brother Jim, whose limerick conjectured about Nan's fictitious choice of running over liposuction. My entry was disqualified because I am too close to the subject, giving me an unfair advantage, but here it is anyway:

Listen up, everyone, I’m not “Nancy,”
You know that I’m never that fancy,
My name is just “Nan,”
Yes, I’m always this tan,
It’s my birthday, so don’t make me antsy!

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